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Natural Family Health Services, LLC was established in 2002. Since its inception, NFHS has helped thousands of people achieve and maintain their unique individual health potential by focusing on determinants of health, providing holistic health education, and recommending herbs, vitamins, & supplements whenever necessary.  LONGROOTS, established in 2019, is our eclectic family-run health food store located in Elmhurst, Pennsylvania.

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 •  vitamins  •  botanicals  •  supplements  •  essential oils  •  local raw honey  •  protein powders 

 natural hygiene products  •  local maple syrup  •  educational books  •  organic herbal teas  

•  local artisan jewelry  •  handmade macrame  •  Bach flower remedies​  •  homeopathic remedies  

•  Nalgene water bottles  •  handmade shea butter soaps  •  organic snacks & drinks​  •   

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