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Dr. Durr Elmore, ND, DC, L.Ac

“The homeopathic remedy is a catalyst that innervates, or awakens, the vital force to create order..." 

“They don’t understand how it could possibly work because the remedies are diluted beyond Avogadro's number, so that’s the biggest misconception, I think”

“There’s no placebo effect. Many times I’ve given the wrong remedy three or four times before I found the correct remedy, and then once I found that correct remedy, I saw a tremendous change in the healing direction”

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Dr. Durr Elmore, ND

Dr. Durr Elmore is a naturopathic physician, chiropractor, and licensed acupuncturist based just outside of Portland, Oregon. He specializes in classical homeopathy. From his website: “Things that may seem irrelevant to many doctors can be extremely important to the homeopath... through understanding the patient both physically and emotionally, a single remedy that covers the overall patient as well as the most limiting factors (chief complaints) is prescribed."

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